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Bone Regeneration
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bone-tec 2019
Insertion of an implant and simultaneous augmentation with rhBMP-2 and DBM (demineralized bone matrix) as carrier material and MCBA (mineralized cancellous bone allograft) as scaffold

Clinical case:

A 69-year-old patient had an implant insertion. Simultaneously the site surrounding the implant was augmented. DBM which consists to 95% of human collagen type I, was soaked with rhBMP-2. Additionally MCBA (mineralized cancellous bone allograft) was added to create vertical stabilisation.


This clinical case was presented at "The 5th International Congress of Maxillofacial and Craniofacial Distraction", 21.-24. June 2006 in Paris
situation preoperatively   situation postoperatively on operation day
situation 5 weeks postoperatively   situation 3 months postoperatively
The initially dense augmentation structure results from MCBA which is partially resorbed. Therefore the augmentation site 5 weeks postoperatively appears more translucent. After 3 months new bone has developed and taken the place of MCBA. The bone structure appears to be denser again.
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