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Bone Regeneration
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Bone Regeneration
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bone-tec 2019
Reconstruction of Missing Bone on Uncovered Impant Surfaces

Clinical case:

35-year-old female patient:
4-year-old implants regio 45, 46; not reconstructed with crowns, bone degradation and uncovered implant surfaces; disinfection of the implants with PDT (Photodynamic Therapy); insertion of rhBMP-2 in a collagen sponge; x-ray-control preoperatively and 4 months postoperatively

Schuckert KH, Jopp S: "Reconstruction of autogenous bone on uncovered implant surfaces using Photodynamic Therapy (PTD) and recombinant human Bone Morphogenetic Protein (rhBMP-2)"; Implantologie Journal, No. 8/2004 *
  * only in German language available
uncovered implant surfaces regio 45, 46   PDT on implant regio 46
rhBMP-2 in a collagen sponge inserted   clinical situation 4 weeks postoperative, dehiscence
x-ray praeoperative (partial)   x-ray 4 months postoperative
Bone reconstruction on implant surface 45 as expected; on implant 46 only distal, mesial insufficient as an impaired wound healing occured due to dehiscence
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