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Bone Regeneration
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bone-tec 2019
Augmentation of the Alveolar Ridge in Combination with the Insertion of Implants - two-phased

Clinical case:

Sixty-three-year-old patient with adult periodontitis at teeth 46/47; extraction of the teeth and augmentation of the alveolar ridge with rhBMP-2; after 4 months insertion of two implants; after further 4 months definite supply of implants with crowns.

Schuckert KH, Jopp S: "Augmentation of the alveolar ridge with rhBMP-2 before insertion of implants"; Implantologie Journal, No. 2/2005 *
  * only available in German language
x-ray picture 46/47   rhBMP-2 in collagen-sponge
4 months postoperatively   alveolar ridge 4 months postoperatively
implants in situ   exposed implants
definite supply with crowns    
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