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Bone Regeneration
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Bone Regeneration
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bone-tec 2019
Reconstruction of Bony Defects (e.g. Large Cystic Holes)

Clinical case:

Fifty-one-year-old patient; radicular cyst at teeth 21/22, 20x16mm; tooth mobility preoperative grade (II/III); stabilization by means of stabilization splint for 4 weeks postoperatively; after 3 and 6 months teeth strengthened (grade 0).

Schuckert KH, Jopp S: "Reconstruction of large cystic holes in maxillar and mandibular bone using rhBMP-2"; Oralchirurgie Journal, No.4/2004 *
  * only available in German language
cyst maxilla left regio 21/22, CT  
radicular cyst 21/22, x-ray picture   situation during operation
rhBMP-2 in collagen sponge   cystic hole maxilla left filled with rhBMP-2
x-ray control regio 21/22 postoperatively   wound closure and splint
condition after removing the stitches   x-ray control 2 weeks postoperatively
x-ray control 21/22 12 weeks postoperatively   x-ray control 6 months postoperatively
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